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This is the 36th issue of the syslog-ng Insider, a monthly newsletter
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EPEL 7 now contains syslog-ng


RHEL 7 was released over a month ago and CentOS 7 not much later, but
one piece of software was still missing: syslog-ng. Not any more.
EPEL, which stands for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux, is a
software collection containing additional packages for Enterprise
Linux and derivatives. Now its latest version, EPEL 7 also contains
syslog-ng, version 3.5:


Introducing syslog-ng PE 5F1


The latest version of the syslog-ng Premium Edition, 5F1, adds support
for the popular NoSQL database MongoDB. Along with support for
MongoDB, we have added support for Java Script Object Notation (JSON),
a text-based open standard designed for human-readable data
interchange. You can

Performance monitoring using syslog-ng and graphite


For most of its history, syslog-ng could only be used for collecting,
processing and storing log messages. Not any more. The Redis and
Riemann destinations are already a step into the direction of
metrics-based monitoring, and the monitoring source combined with
Graphite template support are the next.


Introducing syslog-ng store box 3F2


We recently released a new version of our log management appliance,
the syslog-ng Store Box. 3F2 is the latest feature release and
includes one major new feature and a major improvement to an existing
one. First, we have added a RESTful API which opens up all sorts of
possibilities for accessing log data in SSB. Second, we have revamped
the search interface on the web-based user interface making searching
and troubleshooting much easier. You can

Syslog-ng incubator 0.3.3 released


The syslog-ng incubator is a set of tools and modules for syslog-ng,
which are not (yet) available in the official release. This version of
incubator works with the latest stable syslog-ng (v3.5.5+) and fixes
many problems of the initial 0.3 incubator release.


Log management and the Verizon 2014 PCI Compliance Report


Recently, the eagerly anticipated Verizon Data Breach Investigations
Report for 2014 was published. With more than 63,000 security
incidents, 1,300 confirmed data breaches and 50 contributing global
organizations, it provides the most comprehensive insight to state of
IT security around the world. Drawing on data from the Data Breach
Investigation Report, Verizon also publishes a lesser known but very
interesting report on the state of compliance of with the Payment Card
Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), perhaps the most
widely-adopted security standards globally. Read, what requirements
PCI DSS has towards log management:



syslog-ng OSE 3.5.6:

syslog-ng OSE 3.6 alpha2:

syslog-ng PE 5LTS (5.0.5a):

syslog-ng incubator 0.3.3

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