[tproxy] tproxy4, kernel 2.6.22 and squid-2.6.stable13

Ming-Ching Tiew mingching.tiew at redtone.com
Wed Nov 21 04:05:18 CET 2007

After checking the mail archive and did some testings, I noticed
there are quite many different versions of the stuff floating around.

Those in the netfilter web site has given me lots of  headaches
( kernel version, iptable version and so on ), so I figured that I
would dig more deeply into the version on balabit website, ie
tproxy-4.0.3-2.6.22.tgz since they seems to only has minor
incompatibility with squid.

After installing the patch to a 2.6.22 kernel and compiling
iptables 1.3.8, everything went on smoothly. And I testing a
version of squid-2.6.stable13 with has been previously working
with tproxy2 ( and I did modprobe iptable_tproxy tproxy_any=1 ),
I noticed that squid is able to receive the redirected traffic.

It's positive so far !

However upon checking the traffic, I noticed that the spoofing is not
working, even though the http has been cached by squid.

The squid cache.log says :-

tproxy ip=,0x576e4c0,port=0 ERROR ASSIGN

That would be quite understandable, because the binary for
squid has been compiled with ( ~/src/forward.c ) :-

            itp.v.addr.faddr.s_addr = fwdState->src.sin_addr.s_addr;
            itp.v.addr.fport = 0;
            itp.op = TPROXY_ASSIGN;
            if (setsockopt(fd, SOL_IP, IP_TPROXY, &itp, sizeof(itp)) == -1)
                debug(20, 1) ("tproxy ip=%s,0x%x,port=%d ERROR ASSIGN\n",
            } else {
                itp.op = TPROXY_FLAGS;
                itp.v.flags = ITP_CONNECT;
              if (setsockopt(fd, SOL_IP, IP_TPROXY, &itp, sizeof(itp))
== -1)
                    debug(20, 1) ("tproxy ip=%x,port=%d ERROR CONNECT\n",

The tproxy-4.0.3-2.6.22.tgz did not mention how a source should be changed
to use the new tproxy, I did try using IP_FREEBIND ( using
#define IP_FREEBIND 15 ) and the error goes away, but the spoofing has
not been done.

Any suggestion where else should I check to convince squid to using the
new spoofing mechanism ?

Best regards.

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