[tproxy] reg nat reservations

Mohammed Riyaz p_mdriyaz at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 24 07:38:14 CEST 2005


I was looking through the archives when i came across this - 

" NAT reservations make it possible for tproxy to fail early. If NAT
reservations are enabled, tproxy registers "reservations" for foreign
addresses to be used later. If such a registration fails, that means
that the foreign address is already reserved for some other connection.
This is why in that case even the setsockopt() call fails. This is good,
since it provides you a way of detecting the error. "

While i patched the kernel i applied all the four patched provided,
which includes the patch for nat reservations. After reading the above
paragraph, i am totally confused. Could you pl. tell when the nat
reservations patch needs to be applied. I am mainly using tproxy for
squid. So would nat reservations be required in this case. 

Thank you,
Mohammed Riyaz P.

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