[tproxy] re: Conntrack entries not decreasing

Mohammed Riyaz p_mdriyaz at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 24 07:44:14 CEST 2005


>Do you have any patches applied on 2.6.10 apart from tproxy? Vanilla
>2.6.10 had a TCP connection tracking bug which caused some TCP
>connections linger in the conntrack table for way too much time. Please
>take a look at the original tproxy for 2.6.10 announcement in the
>mailing list archives:


I hadnt applied the patch you mentioned. I will try this patch and i
hope that solves the problems.

>lthough this value depends on your traffic pattern, I'd say 32000 is
> bit too low for a dedicated squid proxy. With 512MB RAM you could
>afely set that to a higher value (64k for example).

and i would experiment with this too :)

Thank you,
Mohammed Riyaz P.

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