[syslog-ng] Cross-compiling syslog-ng 3.11.1 for an embedded application.

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The scripts generated by libtool aren't part of the final delivery. The executables in .libs/ will get installed during 'make install' into their final destination and then libtool will (re)link executables against the freshly installed libraries. This is why a successful 'make install' is needed and then the result could get copied to the target host.

OK – I understand that.  However on my cross-compilation environment, …/syslog-ng/.libs/syslog-ng is not getting built.  It simply isn’t there and I’m not seeing any errors indicating it wasn’t built.

gmake compares timestamps of source and compiled files to track dependencies so if there was a change after the build process then reconfigure / rebuild gets triggered - this should get avoided but it is more or less impossible to guess what happened on your system after running make... For example many years ago I had issues with certain filesystems not storing fractions of seconds so timestamps were rounded to seconds and comparision became a bit stochastic...

OK -- We’ll try switching to make instead of gmake.

-- King
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