[syslog-ng] disk based buffering

Fabien Wernli wernli at in2p3.fr
Wed Sep 28 09:02:25 CEST 2016

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 03:02:19AM +0200, thejaguar at tutanota.de wrote:
> So with dqtool ( cool) I noticed that actual problem is that syslog-ng is not writing to disk queue immediately when a message is generated.  The message goes to usual place like var/log/message etc but not in the queue where it should because it has not been transmitted to remote host.  Now I am thinking there has to be a memory limit before it starts flushing/dumping unsent message to disk queue ? I tried mem-buf-size(1) and log-fifo-size(1) but none of them works. Is it a static value or is it configurable ?

If I'm not mistaken the message will go to the destination's memory queue
first; if the latter is full, only then will it make it to the diskq.

You can check the status of the queue using the control socket
(syslog-ng-ctl stats)

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