[syslog-ng] GSoC Syslog-ng WebSocket question

Mohammadi, Mahmoud mmoham12 at uncc.edu
Wed Mar 25 04:04:03 CET 2015

Dear WebSocket  Mentors,

This is Mahmoud Mohammadi, a graduate student in UNC Charlotte, USA. Currently I am researching on GSoC syslog-ng ideas. In the WebSocket protocol, as you know there are different tasks and issues to consider  such as initial handshaking, data exchange, data formats and  ping/pong communication commands. So is it required to write a library for implementing the WebSocket protocol in C or  C++ or just use an existing library( recommended by you or the programmer) to integrating it with syslog-ng for the required functionalities? And also can you please is there  a rough estimation( if possible) about the variety of different data formats or  commands  exchanging between the server and client or they would be determined during the project?



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