[syslog-ng] GSoC 2015: Java Language Binding

Garmine 42 mikro001 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 07:12:54 CET 2015


I started coding coding around 6 years ago, first using Java and later
extending my knowledge to many other languages including C, Python,
FORTH, Active Oberon and Bash just to name a few of many. Right now
I'm a student at Budapest University of Technology and looking for a
challenge for the summer.

Recently a friend of mine drew my attention to syslog-ng and so I
started exploring the project. Not only because it's an important Unix
application but also because I developed some logging utilities of my
own and as a OSS user I would love to start paying back to the
community using the knowledge I learnt from them.

I am working on issue 257 at the moment and I study the code and
infrastructure above all to truly understand what I'm doing rather
than just copying functionality. (And sometimes figuring out
configuration issues as Arch Linux doesn't seem to be the most popular
development platform for syslog-ng :))

As I have significant experience in C and Java* I believe I could do
the most if I worked to enable Java-Syslog interoperability.

* I wrote OpenGL&CL experiments, an overly complicated BrainF#@k
interpreter and contributed to a game called ScrumbleShip in C.
I also developed a primitive web browser resembling the Line Mode
Browser from scratch using an own HTML parser, a JSON parser,
contributed to a Minecraft server's code and wrote many other smaller
and larger programs in Java.
Due to my interest in OpenGL I also gathered knowledge about JNI.

(And I like to talk a lot!)

Kind regards,
Miklos Kozak

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