[syslog-ng] Oracle logging into syslog-ng?

Surlow, Jim jim_surlow at csgsystems.com
Fri Sep 5 20:20:51 CEST 2008

Please provide thoughts and comments - 


I'm not a DBA and I'm having our DBAs do further research here, but ...


I infer from the Oracle documentation, that Oracle logs to a single
syslog facility+level per instance, if configured.  And the information
in the Oracle log cannot be configured/altered.  The downside that I'm
seeing is that there is no information in regards to the Oracle
instance.  So, if I have a box with 20+ instances and I wish to relay
this to a central server, all this is going to end up as noise.


My kludge for this, would be to setup the following on each Oracle


               Instance #1 -> local0.debug

               Instance #2 -> local0.info

               Instance #3 -> local0.warn

               Instance #4 -> local1.debug

               Instance #5 -> local1.info

               Instance #6 -> local1.warn



Then, setup syslog-ng on that Oracle server to use templates (one per
instance), to route the data to a single facility & level on our
centralized syslog-ng log server and imbed an instance name into the


This config sounds really cumbersome.  I'm also trying to avoid using
Oracle to send the logs to a different instance which would do the
consolidation.  Does anyone else have a better solution?  Am I right in
that Oracle will only send to a single facility+level combo regardless
of criticality?







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