[syslog-ng] More then one application running on syslog server

ashish talati ashishjtalati at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 11 18:41:15 CEST 2007

  I have more then one applications which generate the logs in the host and all these logs are sent to central server through syslog.
  I dont know how I can differentiate these logs based on individual application?
  below are the few logs generated in my local machine for your reference.
  In that first 2 logs are generated through one application and last log generated through second application. But as you can see all logs have the originating source as the pc196070/pc196070 which is the last 5 digits of my machine's ip address. I want to differentiate the logs coming from different application!! How can it possible?? ...I am blank now what to do?
   05/Apr/2007 11:18:36        pc196070/pc196070      DEBUG: - [Thread-  62/Client-0] Response: RESP:0;
  05/Apr/2007 11:18:36       pc196070/pc196070       Thread-62/Client-0] received: Enter command   
  05/Apr/2007 11:18:36    pc196070/pc196070       INFO: -N piListener.Listener - Port 12346 successfully opened. Waiting for connecti...        
  I will appreciate your help.
  Thank you.

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