[syslog-ng] syslog-ng + rhel5 + selinux

Jan-Frode Myklebust janfrode at tanso.net
Tue Apr 10 11:40:34 CEST 2007

(Reposting now that I'm subscribed)

I've created an RPM package of syslog-ng that installs the
necessary selinux module to work on RHEL5. This is not creating
a whole new selinux domain for syslog-ng (like I expect the 
reference policy to do), but rather a small extention of the
RHEL5 provided syslogd domain to allow syslogd_t opening /dev/kmsg,
514/tcp and creating some files under /var.


The selinux rules installed by this RPM is 


and can be installed separately by saving that file to /root/syslog_ng.te
and running:

	checkmodule -M -m -o syslog_ng.mod syslog_ng.te
	semodule_package -o syslog_ng.pp -m syslog_ng.mod
	restorecon ./syslog_ng.pp 
	semodule -i ./syslog_ng.pp

It can later be removed by "semodule --remove=syslog_ng".


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