[syslog-ng] EventViewer to SysLog - looking for opinions

SOLIS, ALEX asolis at oppd.com
Fri Sep 29 21:19:22 CEST 2006

What do you mean by not sending the hostname?  I use ntsyslog and
syslog-ng knows what host the log event is coming from.  I am not sure
if syslog-ng is doing the work or ntsyslog but it works for me.


Just curious as to why you didn't see hostnames???




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I recently started evaluating tools to convert Windows Event Viewer
messages to SysLog and I'm looking for opinions on the different ones
and what to look for.

I first started with EvtSys and it worked pretty well but it left out
the hostname so it was hard to make server specific swatch statements. 
I then tried ntsyslog which shared the same problem.

I'm now trying Snare (thanks Kevin for the tip) and it looks a lot more
flexible as to what type of events get sent and it sends the hostname as
well.  When I first installed it, it worked fine and send messages..
After fiddling with it, it stopped working correctly.  I'm going to
start working with it again, but I'd like to here what else people are

The 2 things the tool should have are:
be free and transmit the Hostname.


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