[syslog-ng]DTSESSION messages in syslog file

daniel@waku-2.com daniel@waku-2.com
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:57:43 +0900

I have received the messeges below in my syslog.log file.

Feb 12 11:24:39 hpd002 DTSESSION: pamauthenticate status=0
Feb 12 11:24:39 hpd002 DTSESSION: pam_acct_status status=0

Does this mean there is a problem with my computer? If so,
please let me know the problem.

Also please tell me what exactly must have happened for the
messege to be displayed in syslog.log file.

My OS is HP-UX 11.i

Thanks in advance
Daniel  Ojwang