[syslog-ng]syslog-ng unknown messages in my syslog.log file(HP-UX)

daniel@waku-2.com daniel@waku-2.com
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:39:31 +0900

Hello everyone,

I've just received syslog messages that I completely don't understand.
Does anybody know why this messages have been sent to syslog.log file.
And also if there is any problem with my server machine. And what I should
do to solve the problem.

Feb 13 16:21:23 hpd002 syslog: libtt[18108]: ttdt_Xt_input_handler(): 
tttk_message_receive(): TT_ERR_NOMP^INo ttsession pr
ocess is running, probably because tt_open() has not been called yet. If 
this code is returned from tt_open() it means tts
ession could not be started, which generally means ToolTalk is not 
installed on this system.
Feb 13 16:21:23 hpd002 syslog: libtt[18117]: ttdt_Xt_input_handler(): 
tttk_message_receive(): TT_ERR_NOMP^Ittsession ^Cv^C
^B*^LD^BQ^Oo^B3^Bj^BD^B"^BH^B"^B1^BF^B*^L4^Hv^BE^B7^ABtt_open() ^
^B*^KN^S.^BE^B+^BH^B"^BF^B"^B$^HS^V!^BE^B ^Bh^AA^RJ^Om^BM ToolTa
lk ^B*^B1^BL^CV^CX^Ce^C

Thanks in advance