[syslog-ng] Localized datestamps

Balazs Scheidler bazsi@balabit.hu
Tue, 23 May 2000 15:19:59 +0200

> I've got a linux box running here running the lastest syslog-ng.
> I'm using the messages syslog-ng generates as input for my
> project and noticed a strange effect:
> Some daemons (especially the PAM-library) produce loglines with a
> localized (here: german) monthname. This is very uncomfortable for my
> work.
> How can that happen if syslog-ng generates them ?
> Does anyone know how to get all datestamps in english ?

Someone else has also noticed this, but I can't find a good solution.
Syslog-ng checks if the incoming log line has the date prepended or not. If
there's something that looks like a date stamp  it's accepted, otherwise one
is generated.

A datestamp is accepted if spaces and ':'s are in the correct position:

May 23 15:18:51
   ^  ^  ^  ^
I think it's more a client issue, libc should be patched to always send
dates in en_US or not send dates at all.

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