[syslog-ng] syslog and "...last message repeated..."

John A. Parker jap54@cornell.edu
Tue, 23 May 2000 12:49:54 -0400

A slightly off subject question. I've installed syslog-ng on a central AIX 
server, setup to receive and process log messages  from all of the other 
servers in our network. In our environment, we want to be able to watch for 
messages of a common theme that might be coming from disparate systems. As 
part of the implementation, in addition to simply logging the messages, I 
have syslog-ng forwarding (through named pipes) all of the messages on to a 
daemon we've implemented that performs the desired "collection" work. (In 
addition to lots of other things of course.)

My question is this: Is there anyway to stop the distributed syslogd 
daemons from aggregating messages? Having a message with the string 
"abcd..." repeated is easy to track, no matter the sourcing system. Having 
the same message from system "a", followed by some other messages from 
systems "b"-"z", followed by "...last message repeated 2 times..." from 
system "a" makes keeping track of message counts very complicated.

Thanks in advance!



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