[syslog-ng] Small log entries are discarded in 1.4.0

Balazs Scheidler bazsi@balabit.hu
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 20:11:23 +0100

> I have found another serious bug in the 1.4.0 syslog-ng code.  Actually
> the bug is in libol.  The log is configured to read log entries from a
> named pipe, write them to a local file, and forward them to a remote
> machine which writes them to a file.  The input testing program is writing
> log entries which are four bytes: three bytes of integers and a carraige
> return.
> The problem is that syslog-ng is throwing away most of these entries.  It
> reads 1024 bytes from the input pipe.  1024 bytes is 256 log entries.  It
> then takes 100 of these entries and puts them in the log queue.  These 100
> are logged properly, and then another 1024 bytes are read from the
> pipe.  The remaining 156 log entries from the original read are simply
> overwritten.

hmmm... maybe you could increase the log queue size via log_fifo_size() ?

> Also, I found another small bug in src/sources.c.  On line 128, memcpy is
> used to copy memory between overlapping regions.  At least on Linux,
> memcpy should not be used to copy between overlapping
> regions.  memmove() should be used instead.

hmm... that code is rather ugly, so I may have to rewrite it a bit. 

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