[syslog-ng] Small log entries are discarded in 1.4.0

Jeffrey W. Baker jwbaker@acm.org
Wed, 8 Mar 2000 16:36:22 -0800 (PST)

Hi there,

I have found another serious bug in the 1.4.0 syslog-ng code.  Actually
the bug is in libol.  The log is configured to read log entries from a
named pipe, write them to a local file, and forward them to a remote
machine which writes them to a file.  The input testing program is writing
log entries which are four bytes: three bytes of integers and a carraige

The problem is that syslog-ng is throwing away most of these entries.  It
reads 1024 bytes from the input pipe.  1024 bytes is 256 log entries.  It
then takes 100 of these entries and puts them in the log queue.  These 100
are logged properly, and then another 1024 bytes are read from the
pipe.  The remaining 156 log entries from the original read are simply

I believe the solution would be to write log entries into the queue until
the input buffer is empty.  Any other way will result in the loss of log
entries.  Perhaps I will have a patch for this later.

Also, I found another small bug in src/sources.c.  On line 128, memcpy is
used to copy memory between overlapping regions.  At least on Linux,
memcpy should not be used to copy between overlapping
regions.  memmove() should be used instead.