[zorp] UDP DEMO

Jakub Bednář bednar.jakub at centrum.cz
Sat Jul 22 21:38:32 CEST 2006

     I'm looking for an advise. I'm trying to build my own simple transparent proxy
on linux kernel. I was trying to run the redirect_udp_recv demo distributed
with the patches and also rewrite something from zorp-3.0.9 but the messages are still
not being delivered to the aplication. I think, I'm setting some options for the socket wrong.
Can You please send me just a simple demo how to set the udp socket in order to
be able to get the original dst address from the datagrams. I'm using only IP_RECVORIGADDRS.

Thank You very mutch for Your help. I'm running out of time and the only 2.6 kernel I was
able to run it was 2.6.10 with the old version of tproxy. I'm starting to feel really stupid :(

With regards,

Jakub Bednar.

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