[zorp] Question about Packaged GPL Zorp Proxies

Balazs Scheidler zorp@lists.balabit.hu
Thu, 13 May 2004 10:43:21 +0200

2004-05-12, sze keltezéssel 19:07-kor Dennison William ezt írta:
> Are there plans in the future to include an SMTP proxy?
> Also, is the GPL version of Zorp going to be widely supported as far as
> patches and security updates go?  Or will the Pro version get more
> attention from the Zorp Corp., therefore be more robust?

As far as company strategy goes, BalaBit plans to release both the GPLd
and the non GPLd version of Zorp in parallel.

However it sometimes happens that there are gaps between the two
versions, as development takes place in the commercial branch and we
backport changes to the GPLd version from time to time. We are changing
some of the development process to make this gap as small as possible
(essentially using the same CVS branch and use external tools to
separate the features).

The SMTP proxy is one of the reasons why our customers choose the
commercial offering. Therefore there are currently no plans to release
it under the GPL. However this might change in the future.

BalaBit always had a strong open source attitude, we release nearly all
our developments under the GPL (syslog-ng, tproxy patches, Zorp GPL, all
the utilities we include in ZorpOS). I think the current GPL version is
enough to show the possibilities that Zorp provides which is sometimes
more than other (even commercial) proxy based firewall products offer. 

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