[tproxy] ip_tproxy.h problem

sonu chouhan hi100nu at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 12:16:12 CET 2009

hi all,
i am getting a problem!
my setup is -
Redhat el5
kernel with support of tproxy
iptables v1.4.3-rc1 with support of tproxy
squid 3.0STABLE12 with support of tproxy
squid config : ./configure --prefix=/squid/3.0.12 --enable-linux-netfilter --enable-linux-tproxy
kernel and iptables are compile and work fine, but when i am going to compile squid
it's show transparent proxy support enable automaticly but after some line it show ip_tproxy.h no.
after compile when i put line "http_port 3128 tproxy" in squid.conf it again show error.
i install all header from kernel source but error is same and when i search for file ip_tproxy.h there is no file in my system. i have try many thing change kernel, iptables but no succcess,
then i compile squid-2.6STABLE18 with patch "tproxy-squid-2.6-STABLE18.20080304-110716-1204625236.patch" and it's working fine and no error.
so please help me in compiling squid 3.0.
Thanks in advance

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