[tproxy] SQUID 3.1 and TPROXY

Laszlo Attila Toth panther at balabit.hu
Tue Jun 3 08:14:39 CEST 2008

Anton VG wrote:
> Any thoughts?

I fixed it. The getsockopt() wasn't implemented for IP_TRANSPARENT 
socket option and you used more verbose debug messages in squid, this is 
why I didn't understand it. Sorry.

You can download it:


The last, 17th patch is enough to be applied to your last kernel source.

> 2008/5/21 Anton <anton.vazir at gmail.com>:
>> But it's a 4.1 patch for 2.6.24 kernel and the installation
>> partially working and I'm getting this complain once in a
>> dosen of requests. - maybe once in 20, sometimes 50 or 100
>> requests. - the rest are ok and transparently handled by


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