[tproxy] missing ip_tproxy.h header file

Sunday A. Idajili [ITClick Lagos] sonny at itclick.net
Sat Sep 22 00:15:21 CEST 2007


I need help with tproxy. Am trying to get it to work with squid-2.6.STABLE16
but I get the popular missing ip_tproxy.h header file error while compiling:
"checking if TPROXY header files are installed... no 
WARNING: Cannot find TPROXY headers, you need to install the tproxy package
- lynx http://www.balabit.com/downloads/tproxy/ "

I run Debian with kernel 2.6.22 compiled with tproxy 4.0.3 support already.
I followed the instruction for patching the kernel and iptables-1.3.8. I can
load the iptable_tproxy module:

candy:~# modprobe iptable_tproxy
candy:~# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
iptable_tproxy          6404  0
ip_tables              11592  1 iptable_tproxy
ipv6                  225508  12
dm_snapshot            16416  0
dm_mirror              19712  0
dm_mod                 50624  2 dm_snapshot,dm_mirror
8021q                  18952  0
xt_tproxy               2048  0
x_tables               14084  2 ip_tables,xt_tproxy
reiserfs              216832  1
loop                   16260  0
pcspkr                  2944  0
rtc                    11672  0
i2c_piix4               8460  0
i2c_core               23696  1 i2c_piix4
ext3                  118792  1
jbd                    49832  1 ext3
sd_mod                 27280  5
aic7xxx               160600  3
scsi_transport_spi     23296  1 aic7xxx
scsi_mod              134540  3 sd_mod,aic7xxx,scsi_transport_spi
tulip                  47776  0

candy:~# dmesg | grep TPROX
IP_TPROXY: Transparent proxy support initialized, version 4.0.0
IP_TPROXY: Copyright (c) 2002-2007 BalaBit IT Ltd.

I can add iptables rule with tproxy without any problem:

candy:~# iptables -t tproxy -A PREROUTING -j TPROXY --on-port 3128
candy:~# iptables -t tproxy -L
target     prot opt source               destination
TPROXY     all  --  anywhere             anywhere            TPROXY redirect

My problem is the missing ip_tproxy.h file. Its not anywhere in my
/usr/src/linux. I have searched everywhere for a solution the past 7 days
with no luck. Please help me as am flat out of ideas! Thanks in advance.


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