[tproxy] tproxy on bridge interface

Cameron Schaus cam at schaus.ca
Wed Nov 14 22:35:19 CET 2007

Ondrej Kraus wrote:
> I don't know what is wrong. Is it known issue? Is there any workaround
> for this problem?
I have done some previous investigation around using tproxy4 code on a 
bridge interface.  I found that the bridge code clobbers the dst route 
entry added by tproxy4 during prerouting, and that packets processed by 
tproxy destined for the localhost need to be marked with a packet type 
of PACKET_HOST otherwise they are dropped higher up the stack.

I don't have a patch right now, but I can get you a diff of the bridge 
code changes needed to make this work if you are interested.  The 
changes are fairly minor.


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