[tproxy] tproxy on bridge interface

Ondrej Kraus krauso at explorer.cz
Wed Nov 14 16:54:49 CET 2007

Hello there,

we have working machine with kernel, tproxy-4.0.1 and zorp
3.0.8. Network configuration of this router is:

eth1.10: (eth1 vlan 10)
eth1.11: (eth1 vlan 11)

Testing client is at and testing http server at
(on vlan 11). When I load tproxy module with tproxy_any=1 and configure
zorp for transparent proxying, everything works fine.

But when I bind eth1.10 and eth1.11 to a bridge (br1):

brctl addbr br1
brctl addif br1 eth1.10
brctl addif br1 eth1.11
ifconfig br1 netmask
ifconfig br1:0 netmask

then I can reach from the route and from client, but zorp
Communication flows from the client to the router, is redirected to
zorp, zorp catches it, binds to clients ip address and sends SYN packet
to the http server. But communication from the http server passes thru
tproxy box without being catched by tproxy mechanisms. In the other
words - client sees responses from zorp and responses from http server
to zorp. Zorp never gets a packet from http server.

I don't know what is wrong. Is it known issue? Is there any workaround
for this problem?

Thank you for any idea

Ondrej Kraus

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