[tproxy] Using tproxy with squid on another box

queronemsaber at flash.tv.br queronemsaber at flash.tv.br
Tue Dec 5 14:39:29 CET 2006


Is it possible to run tproxy with the squid server in another box?

I have this situation:

                     +------ PROXY SERVER (internal IP address)

The firewall and proxy servers are Linux. The tproxy works perfectly when
squid runs on the same server as the firewall, but I couldn't figure out
how to run it when squid is on a separate box.

I installed everything and tried the iptables rule on firewall:

iptables -t tproxy -A PREROUTING -i eth3 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j
TPROXY --on-port 3128 --on-ip INTERNAL_IP_OF_THE_PROXY

The connection works just fine, but I got several:

Dec  5 11:25:17 cache squid[217]: tproxy
ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,0xcc78e7c8,port=0 ERROR ASSIGN

I have tcp_outgoing_address on squid.conf set to the internal IP of the
proxy server.

Anyone could help me?


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