[tproxy] Conntrack entries not decreasing

Mohammed Riyaz p_mdriyaz at fastmail.fm
Thu Jul 7 10:33:26 CEST 2005


>  Do you have any patches applied on 2.6.10 apart from tproxy? Vanilla
>2.6.10 had a TCP connection tracking bug which caused some TCP
>connections linger in the conntrack table for way too much time. Please
>take a look at the original tproxy for 2.6.10 announcement in the
>mailing list archives:
> Nothing suspicious here, so I'd wait for your experience with the
>2.6.10 TCP conntrack patch.

Things seem to be running fine now with the conntrack patch. During day
time the maximun value is reaching 3000 entries and in the nights it
reduces below 700. :)

Thanks a lot.

Mohammed Riyaz P.

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