[tproxy] Re: TPROXY and NAT

KOVACS Krisztian hidden@balabit.hu
Mon, 08 Nov 2004 09:35:04 +0100


2004-11-06, szo keltezéssel 10:18-kor Sumit Pandya ezt írta:
> 	I'd like to know does the limitation described on following thread has been
> overcame after release of 2.0.0 version?
> https://lists.balabit.hu/pipermail/tproxy/2003-November/000053.html

  Basically it's a bad interaction between Netfilter DNAT/MASQUERADE and
tproxy. Unfortunately to work around this limitation you have to modify
the NAT core code. For more information see


   Krisztian KOVACS