[tproxy] Need TPROXY for 2.4.20-6 kernel

KOVACS Krisztian hidden@balabit.hu
Wed, 17 Dec 2003 12:15:08 +0100


2003-12-17, sze keltezéssel 05:41-kor Elwin Eliazer ezt írta:
> I am trying to install Zorp in my Linux desktop PC,
> running RedHat 9.0, which has Linux kernel 2.4.20-6.

  Note that you only need the transparent proxying patch if you would
like to do _transparent_ firewalling with Zorp. In case of a desktop
system, I'm not sure you need Zorp at all, it is really not a "personal
firewall" like thing.

> This requires installation of TPROXY, but i could not
> find a compatible version of TPROXY in the following
> link. The old link, shows only, etc. But
> could not find any 2.4.20-6 there.

  I think you mix RedHat's kernel release number with tproxy version.
RedHat's kernel is based on 2.4.20, the -6 suffix tells you it is the
sixth version of their kernel package. Tproxy version is totally
different, 2.4.20-12 describes it's tproxy release 12 (version 0.12) for
Linux 2.4.20. (It's a really old and outdated version, please don't use

  If you would like to patch the RedHat 9.0 kernel package, you should
try the newest version of tproxy (1.2.0), and get the patch for the
kernel version which is closest to yours (this will be 2.4.22). However,
I don't know if it was ever tested with RedHat's kernel, or the patch
applies at all.

   Krisztian KOVACS