[syslog-ng] using -dv on startup vs syslog-ng-ctl debug set=off

Jerry Scharf jscharf at purestorage.com
Thu Apr 27 21:10:07 UTC 2023

We are chasing an intermittent bug with slow reloads. We are following the
debug suggestions and adding -dv to the execstart in the service file.
Because of the load of messages that we push, I want to turn off the
debugging after we are past the window when the slow reload happens. I
naively tried doing "syslog-ng-ctl debug set=off" but it responded that the
flag didn't change.
Is there some way to tell syslog-ng to allow the -ctl command to make the
change. I can imagine why this would be desired sometimes, but at 10k lines
per minute it is going to fill up /tmp.
right now I am doing ugly things to solve the problem, but really want to
find a better way.
Jerry Scharf
Pure Storage
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