[syslog-ng] syslog-ng-3.38.1 causing type hint errors in patterndb - bug?

Evan Rempel erempel at uvic.ca
Tue Nov 22 14:14:45 UTC 2022

I'm not sure if you still think this is only a warning.

[xerr at pangolin etc]$ rpm -q syslog-ng
[xerr at pangolin etc]$ rpm -qi syslog-ng
Name        : syslog-ng
Version     : 3.38.1
Release     : 1.el8
Architecture: x86_64
Install Date: Thu 03 Nov 2022 04:08:02 AM PDT
Group       : System Environment/Daemons
Size        : 3651296
License     : GPLv2+
Signature   : RSA/SHA256, Mon 03 Oct 2022 03:00:51 AM PDT, Key ID 
Source RPM  : syslog-ng-3.38.1-1.el8.src.rpm
Build Date  : Mon 03 Oct 2022 03:00:39 AM PDT
Build Host  : copr-hv-x86-64-01-prod-02441780-20221003-095224
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Vendor      : Fedora Copr - user czanik
URL         : http://www.balabit.com/network-security/syslog-ng
Summary     : Next-generation syslog server

A very small patterndb

<patterndb version="4" pub_date="2009-09-01">
   <ruleset name="su(pam_unix)" 
       <rule id="unmatched-program-su(pam_unix)" class="unknown" 
            <value name="AUTHPROGRAM">su(pam_unix)</value>

[xerr at pangolin etc]$ /usr/bin/pdbtool test --validate test.xml
Error parsing pattern database file; filename='test.xml', 
error='test.xml:10:51: Error compiling value template, 
rule=unmatched-program-su(pam_unix), name=AUTHPROGRAM, 
value=su(pam_unix), error=Unknown type specified in type hinting: su'


On 2022-11-22 01:39, Balazs Scheidler wrote:
> I only got warnings and not errors, when trying to use this in my XML 
> file:
>           <value name="seq-matches">su(pam_unix)</value>
> how did you execute syslog-ng so you got the error above? The only 
> case where this is an error, if you are using "@version: 4.0"
> This was the warning produced (both by syslog-ng and pdbtool):
> WARNING: the template specified in value()/<value> options for your 
> grouping-by() or db-parser() configuration has been changed to support 
> typing from syslog-ng 4.0. You are using an older config version and 
> your template contains an unrecognized type-cast, probably a 
> parenthesis in the value field. This will be interpreted in the 
> `type(value)' format in future versions. Please add an explicit 
> string() cast as shown in the 'fixed-value' tag of this log message or 
> remove the parenthesis. The value will be processed as a 'string' 
> expression; config-version='3.38', name='seq-matches', 
> value='su(pam_unix)', fixed-value='string(su(pam_unix))'
> I chose to embed the type-hint field in the body of the <value> tag, 
> as this is the format that is used everywhere else. I might be able to 
> bump the db-parser XML file version, in the file header:
> <patterndb version='5'>
> I could bump this up to version 6, in which case you'd only need to 
> add the type-hint if you also bumped the version number. That I think 
> is doable.
> On the documentation front, there's an XML schema in the source tree 
> under the doc/xsd/ directory for each version of patterndb, and I 
> assume the documentation also has a chapter on the db-parser() format.
> On Mon, Nov 21, 2022 at 5:22 PM Evan Rempel <erempel at uvic.ca> wrote:
>     We have a patterndb file that contains both patterns and values with
>     fixed text that include a strings of the form "xxxx (yyy)" which
>     now can
>     not be loaded by the patterndb.
>     Syslog-ng throws the error
>     Error parsing pattern database file; ... Error compiling value
>     template,
>     rule=FLARE-3543, name=AUTHPROGRAM, value=su(pam_unix), error=Unknown
>     type specified in type hinting: su'
>     I have not enabled the version 4.0 testing of type hinting. The
>     version
>     configuration is
>     @version: 3.36
>     I am unable to find documentation for the full syntax of the
>     patterndb
>     file (seems to have been lost from the docs since perhaps 3.16?)
>     Is there a patterndb syntax specification document?
>     I would expect that even when type hinting is enabled in the
>     patterndb
>     file, given that it is an XML document, that the type hinting
>     would be
>     part of the XML tag metadata, rather than part of the XML static data.
>     -- 
>     Evan
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