[syslog-ng] Polling additional machines

Dan Egli dan at newideatest.site
Sat Jan 23 06:16:50 UTC 2021

I have an interesting setup that was proposed to me, and while I _THINK_ 
syslog-ng can handle it I don't know for sure, let alone HOW.

There are multiple service-specific machines in the network, behind the 
firewall. I'll just use the services they provide as their hostnames in 
this example. So firewall fw is a small linux machine running syslog-ng 
and fail2ban. Now fail2ban works off of the log files, but it also wants 
to apply changes to the firewall rules locally. So either www has its 
firewall rules while smtp has its rules and imap has a third set (ugly) 
or fail2ban can run on fw and modify the rules there. Trick is, in order 
to do that, all the logs have to be accessible in real time so that 
fail2ban can see them. My thought was to have syslog-ng on each sub 
machine somehow report to the syslog-ng on fw. Then fw's syslog-ng can 
write the files that fail2ban wants to read from.

What would be the best way to go about this? I am still learning 
syslog-ng so if this is something simple, I'm sorry.

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