[syslog-ng] Requesting help with Grouping-by function

Fabien Wernli wernli at in2p3.fr
Tue Nov 3 12:05:34 UTC 2020

Hi Maciek,

On Tue, Nov 03, 2020 at 12:24:40PM +0100, Maciek Solnicki wrote:
> *  destination {*
> *    file('/tmp/test.json' template("$(format-json .auditd.*)\n"));*
> *  };*
> *};*

This means you're outputting the contents of all `.auditd.` macros to file

But your grouping-by parser generates a message with the macro MESSAGE set
to the value "TEST" :

> *    grouping-by(*
> *      key("${.auditd.msg}")*
> *      timeout(10)*
> *      aggregate(value("MESSAGE" "TEST"))*
> *    );*

So you won't see it in test.json.
Well, more exactly you should see it as the default value of
aggregate(inherit-mode()) is "context", but you won't see the MESSAGE:TEST
macro as you're omitting it from your output.
I'm guessing you should see a message twice in that case.

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