[syslog-ng] How to ensure that only my hosts log to my syslog server?

Evan Rempel erempel at uvic.ca
Fri May 29 17:03:09 UTC 2020

Thanks, that steers me in the right direction. Lots more reading but it 
was exactly what I was looking for.


On 5/29/20 9:55 AM, SZIGETVÁRI János wrote:
> Dear Evan,
> AFAIK when TLS is configured, syslog-ng behaves differently, depending 
> on whether we are talking about a source or a destination.
> A destination will perform subject CN checking to verify whether the 
> server is who it claims to be.
> In case of a source however no CN checking is performed, only the 
> validity of the certificate and the certificate chain is checked, 
> depending on the peer-verify() option.
> Despite this, it is possible to define a list for the option 
> trusted-dn() and/or trusted-keys() so that the source will only accept 
> connections from clients with the specified certificate parameters 
> (Distinguished Name - trusted-dn(), SHA-1 fingerprint - trusted-keys()).
> Best Regards,
> János
> --
> Evan Rempel <erempel at uvic.ca <mailto:erempel at uvic.ca>> ezt írta 
> (időpont: 2020. máj. 29., P, 17:52):
>     We are starting to explore laptop logging which means that I have to
>     open up firewalls to public networks as the laptops are moved
>     around. Is
>     there a way to ensure that only computers configured by my
>     organization
>     are able to connect to or send logs to my log server?
>     I looked at "Mutual authentication using TLS" but if I understand
>     that
>     correctly the client is required to have a IP/hostname that
>     matches the
>     CN of the certificate.
>     I couldn't find other information but perhaps I am searching for the
>     wrong terms.
>     -- 
>     Evan

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