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Peter Czanik (pczanik) Peter.Czanik at oneidentity.com
Mon Jun 22 14:41:31 UTC 2020


Over a week ago I ran a Twitter poll and also asked around here on the mailing list about if/how you use Java in syslog-ng. No responses here and only a few "no" responses on Twitter. We know about some users, who use the Java bindings, but not our modules. Any previous users of Java modules I asked directly told me, that they already changed to kafka-c and elasticsearch-http.
A few days later Fedora announced, that they are removing JDK 1.8 support from Rawhide. So, here is a list of changes and plans for the official distro syslog-ng packages and for my unofficial packages:

  *   removed Java support completely from the official Fedora Rawhide package (no support for JDK 1.11 yet in syslog-ng), to avoid dropping syslog-ng from the distro
  *   my unofficial packages will follow, once JDK 1.8 is really removed from the distro (end of July)
  *   keep Java bindings everywhere else, as long as 1.8 is available
  *   removed java modules (drivers) from all of my unofficial packages (Java-based Elasticsearch, Kafka, HDFS)

My syslog-ng git snapshot packages (https://syslog-ng.com/blog/rpm-packages-from-syslog-ng-git-head/) already have these changes, and my 3.28 packages will be derived from these, once the release is available.


Peter Czanik (CzP) <peter.czanik at oneidentity.com>
Balabit (a OneIdentity company) / syslog-ng upstream

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