[syslog-ng] Error binding socket UDP

Laszlo Szemere (lszemere) Laszlo.Szemere at oneidentity.com
Wed Sep 18 14:35:35 UTC 2019

 in most of the cases this can be caused by:

1. The address:port is already in use
  a) by an another application - it can be syslog-ng itself, i.e.: it is started multiple times
  b) the address:port is configured multiple times in your config

2. You do not have permission to use that port.
 a) It is under 1024, so your process needs the CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE capability. (or simply run as root)
 b) selinux restrictions

If you can rule out those common issues and unfortunately none of them help, than we will need more info from your setup to continue.


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Good Mornig Every one,

How should I to corret the problema presented in the log below:

Error binding socket; addr='AF_INET(', error='Cannot assign requested address (99)'
Set 18 10:32:14 centosServerVirtual syslog-ng[1809]: [2019-09-18T10:32:14.855778] Error initializing message pipeline; plugin_name='udp', location='/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf:33:4'

My configuration on syslog-ng.conf is that:

source s_net {

   udp(ip( port(514));

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