[syslog-ng] Multiple log statements vs If/else

Nagy, Gábor gabor.nagy at oneidentity.com
Fri May 17 08:13:20 UTC 2019

Hi Mark!

Sorry for answering after a long time.
> I am curious about how the declaration order matters.  My understanding
is that each message will be evaluated for a match on each log statement in
the order that they appear in the file and only when it hits a log
statement with a final flag will it stop attempting to match.  Is that
Yes. :)
As Fabien mentioned, a "fallback" log path would be need to not drop
unprocessed log messages.

> ... it seems like to me that if they aren’t different it would be easier
to do multiple log statements if generated dynamically.
A config with many log paths would be easy to generate, but hard to
If you find if-else config hard to generate from code, you can use the
junction/channel with final flags too. Just make sure you have a fallback
channel too.

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