[syslog-ng] Regex Irregularities

N. Max Pierson nmaxpierson at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 16:18:28 UTC 2019

Hi List,

I am having some weird issues with rewrite regex that I cannot explain. I
am simply trying to filter out the first part of the message which has the
date in this format.

Feb 8 09:13:32 CST:  (there is one space at the end)

 When I use the following syntax, it doesn't match as expected.


I know this is the correct pattern because it works just fine on
www.regexpal.com. I did some further testing and I have narrowed it down to
the below ...

8 09:55:54 CST:  (this seemed to also remove the space behind the month)

8 09:59:37 CST:  (notice this is the exact same as the above without the
beginning space)

Feb 8 10:07:04 CST:  (doesn't match anything as though the space between
Feb and 8 isn't there)

Feb 8 10:11:54 CST:  (again doesn't match anything as though there is a
space between Feb and 8)

So it seems to be something either with \w word class or the + quantifier
and it somehow eats the space behind it possibly?? I am running 3.19.1 on
Centos 7.

Can anyone test this to confirm it isn't just local to my install for
whatever reason?

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