[syslog-ng] Poll: how quickly you update syslog-ng

Czanik, P├ęter peter.czanik at balabit.com
Wed Jun 20 14:01:39 UTC 2018


I just posted a syslog-ng update related poll on Twitter:


The reason is, that I'd like to learn how quickly you start to use a new
version of syslog-ng after release. I see some rough download statistics
for my Fedora / CentOS packages, but that is only a slice of syslog-ng

Please answer the poll, and If you have any comments, alternative answers,
explanations, you can leave it here or on Twitter.

Also: retweet to reach more syslog-ng users!


Peter Czanik (CzP) <peter.czanik at balabit.com>
Balabit / syslog-ng upstream
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