[syslog-ng] collecting SAR data

Jim Hendrick james.r.hendrick at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 15:34:53 UTC 2017


  Does anyone have experience pulling performance data from sysstat (sar)
with syslog-ng (or even *cough* rsyslog...)

  Looking to automate the performance metrics and it seems like it should
be straightforward.

  What I would like is to pull the text output that is generated every ~10
minutes by default without having to run a different cron across all the
  (that is - I get that I could probably modify the "sa1" script or write
another one to dump the data to a socket or something for syslog to pick
up. I am hoping to just do something to monitor the data that is
automatically generated. - something like using any file in
/var/log/sa/sar?? as a source)

 The end system (for me at the moment) would be splunk so parsing the
different format data *could* be pushed to that end or could be done with
patterndb or something else on the syslog-ng side.


Thanks in advance!!
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