[syslog-ng] mysql destinations - more options for table creation

Fekete, Róbert robert.fekete at balabit.com
Mon Mar 6 18:46:28 UTC 2017


syslog-ng can automatically create tables if you use macros in the table
As for additional options, newer syslog-ng versions have a dbd-option()
that can be used to set database options when syslog-ng connects the
database (it might or might not be enough for your needs), see



On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 6:44 PM, Nik Ambrosch <nik at ambrosch.com> wrote:

> When creating a table in a mysql destination, I have not found a way to
> specify additional options - I’d like to add row_format in order to enable
> innodb compression.  A regular mysql query would look like this:
> create table “my_table_yyyymmdd” (columns here) ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED;
> Is it possible to tell syslog-ng to make this happen with syslog-ng or
> will i need to cron an external job to create the tables daily?
> Thanks.
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