[syslog-ng] can syslog-ng process email attachments?

james.r.hendrick james.r.hendrick at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 03:49:18 UTC 2017

Thanks, I'll take a look Jim

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Fabien created an mbox source a while back, maybe you can use it: https://www.balabit.com/documents/syslog-ng-ose-latest-guides/en/syslog-ng-ose-guide-admin/html/configuring-source-mbox.html


On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 9:03 PM, Jim Hendrick <james.r.hendrick at gmail.com> wrote:
We have security appliances that generate CSV files and automatically send them (nightly)
I am looking for a way to get them into a log stream and trying to make it as simple as possible.
I suppose I could do something with procmail or even openssl and an IMAP connection, but I wanted to ask this esteemed company if any of you have solved this already.
even something radical like "source s_mail ( smtp() );" and have config options to tweak what it does with different recipients / mail formats
Any (appropriate) suggestions?


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