[syslog-ng] RFC: incubator is to be discontinued

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There is a popularity chart for debian packages:

Of course it only shows how many computers it is installed to and does not means that the module is also in actively used. But because these modules should be installed by hand, a significant correlation should be there.

So, it shows, that the most popular package amongst the debian users is the perl package. The kafka module and the syslog-ng-mod-basicfuncs-plus package is in the second most installed part of the incubator.

The grok package and the zmq package has not installed (reported to be installed) at all.

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As far as I can see, the kafka-c module is definitely in active use. I added Pyr -- the original author of the kafka module -- on CC.

In addition I see once in a while that people are asking about grok and zmq. On the other hand I'm not sure how much functional these modules are (AFAIR the the source part of the ZMQ module was never really finished) and the grok module builds on a C library which is not actively maintained for many years.
I don't recall people mentioning any of the other modules recently.


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On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 7:40 PM, Scheidler, Balázs <balazs.scheidler at balabit.com<mailto:balazs.scheidler at balabit.com>> wrote:
We had a discussion with our Debian maintainer about the fate of syslog-ng-incubator. For those of you who don't know, it is a set of syslog-ng modules not integrated to syslog-ng master for one reason or another.
It is available from here:


The problem with this repository is that it is not really maintained, causing compilation and functionality issues down the line.
So our opinion is to go ahead and integrate stuff that can be brough up to speed. Once we've done what we could, we would discontinue the incubator altogether.
Please speak up now, if you disagree, but please also be ready to help us out in maintenance in that case.
If there are no disagreements in the following week, we would start to phasing out the incubator.

We welcome volunteers to:

1) migrate code, OR
2) help with testing
If you are the user of any of those plugins, letting us know at this point also helps making sure that no functionality is lost.


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