[syslog-ng] RFC: incubator is to be discontinued

Fabien Wernli wernli at in2p3.fr
Thu Aug 3 06:53:28 UTC 2017


On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 07:40:48PM +0200, Scheidler, Bal√°zs wrote:
> So our opinion is to go ahead and integrate stuff that can be brough up to
> speed. Once we've done what we could, we would discontinue the incubator
> altogether.
> Please speak up now, if you disagree, but please also be ready to help us
> out in maintenance in that case.

I'm speaking up, and I'm ready :-)

1. grok: I really think this module is worth keeping, as it can represent a
   bridge for logstash users wanting to migrate. The case against being the
   libgrok maintenance, but I feel it's not too much a risk as the ruby
   implementation hasn't had updates in years either

2. perl: personal feelings aside ;) I really think this kind of language
   binding is important to keep, for the same reason as grok: users having
   perl code lying around in deep dark subdirectories (who doesn't) with
   useful code can still use it inside syslog-ng. It permits cheap'n'dirty
   functionality reuse. That being said, we're not using it anymore (at
   least right now)

3. lua: same for perl, although we never used it.

I can help with maintaining the code: we have a gitlab-ci instance, and I
can write plumbing to autocompile etc.

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