[syslog-ng] AMQP Module not present?

Czanik, P├ęter peter.czanik at balabit.com
Thu Oct 20 04:18:34 UTC 2016


AMQP support is not enabled in EPEL due to packaging policy: no bundled
libraries are allowed. You can use my unofficial syslog-ng package for
fedora/RHEL from https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/czanik/syslog-ng38/
which has AMQP enabled and also is a more recent version. Note, that on
RHEL (not on CentOS) you also need to have the "optional" repo enabled in
order to be able to use it.


Peter Czanik (CzP) <peter.czanik at balabit.com>
Balabit / syslog-ng upstream

On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 11:24 PM, Thomas Polliard <
thomas.polliard at jmfamily.com> wrote:

> The documentation seems to imply that the amqp driver should be available
> in the OSE version of syslog.
> I am running on a RHEL 7 systems with syslog-ng installed from EPEL.
> syslog-ng.x86_64               3.5.6-3.el7      @epel
> syslog-ng-devel.x86_64         3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> syslog-ng-geoip.x86_64         3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> syslog-ng-json.x86_64          3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> syslog-ng-libdbi.x86_64        3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> syslog-ng-mongodb.x86_64       3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> syslog-ng-redis.x86_64         3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> syslog-ng-smtp.x86_64          3.5.6-3.el7      epel
> When I try and load the amqp driver I get
> Error parsing destination, destination plugin amqp not found in
> /etc/syslog-ng/conf.d/51-ampq.conf at line 3, column 2:
>                                                   included from
> /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf line 68, column 1
>         amqp(
>         ^^^^
> Any help would be appreciated.  I am assuming I am either, missing a
> package that I should have installed or there is some missing information
> in the documentation.
> The document I was reading was
> https://www.balabit.com/documents/syslog-ng-ose-
> latest-guides/en/syslog-ng-ose-guide-admin/html/chapter-destinations.html
> Thanks again
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