[syslog-ng] Log Message flow visualization

Kristóf Havasi kristof.havasi95 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 16:02:58 CET 2015

 My name is Kristóf Havasi and I'm currently a first-year student at
Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My primary motivation was
to find one topic for the summer of 2015 which is within my circle of
interests ,one that i consider suitable for myself to get familiar with in
greater depths.
 After perceiving GSoC, I stumbled upon this project of yours named "Log
Message Flow visualization" which i have found to be well fitting to the
above-mentioned expectations, considering that i am highly interested in
network technologies.
 I have got familiar with C language in the last two years, i am recently
pursuing the intent to know more and more about The syslog-ng, and am very
excited about the idea of contributing to it.

Best regards,
Kristóf Havasi
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