[syslog-ng] [GSOC'15 Intro] Python Language Binding

Akash Gangil akashg1611 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 01:02:57 CET 2015


I am applying to the "Python Language Binding" project for syslog-ng in
this years GSOC' 15. I am going through the incubator code which has basic
implementations. I wanted to know what level of detail are you guys
expecting in the proposal? Or if there is any specific task you would want
to screen applicants?

As for myself, I am a second years Masters student at Georgia Tech. And
have interfaced with quite a few things that are needed for this project.

   -  I, in a team of 3, led
   <https://github.com/akashgangil/Tiger/graphs/contributors> the
   development of a compiler for a toy programming language as a part of the
   class project. https://github.com/akashgangil/Tiger
   - As a part of my research work, which deals with designing a data
   management and analytics system for scientific "big" data, I have also
   Python/C Api, to allow writing plugins in python, which can be consumed by
   the system. https://github.com/akashgangil/khanEVPath
   - I was also a GSOC student in 2009 for Tux4kids and a mentor in 2010
   for the same.  So I am pretty familiar with the program,
   - Beside I have extensively used tools like logstash, elasticsearch in
   the past and appreciate the problems that are associated with log data
   management and processing. This is also one of the reasons the project
   interests me.

I am still going through the code and trying to get in more details for the
proposal. Hoping to get something ready soon.


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