[syslog-ng] PatternDB for a10?

Daniel Neubacher daniel.neubacher at xing.com
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Thanks for the answer. I’m a fan of rock stable and fast software – logstash isn’t both. It’s a really neat logshipper and I’m still using it to get the syslog-ng json into our elasticsearch cluster but when grok has to process 25k messages and more per second the cpu usage goes up quite a bit. In my tests the server needed around 20-30% cpu to parse some logs and not even all of them completely. With the pattern db’s I found around the web the logs are perfectly parsed and I don’t even notice a rise in the cpu usage. Maybe 1-2% but this isn’t comparable to grok. Forging the json was part of logstash too and now it just takes thesyslog-ng json as input and put it into elasticsearch. For many people this isn’t relevant because grok is fine for a few hundred messages but beyond that it’s simply a hassle.
I really think you guys should make it more approachable for everyone because it’s awesome. I had to do a lot of digging, searching around and trial and error to get it running as a logstash competitor. Some sample cfg’s, a new commit in the patterndb git and a more detailed documentation could show many guys that no fancy cool new software is needed to get the job done better and faster on smaller hardware.

And I’m feeling really stupid about it but I don’t see how patternize can help me creating patterns. I don’t have a problem creating the patterns myself, it just takes some time :P
For example I have this log msg:
[HMON]<6> SLB server xas-1.app.fra1 ( TCP port 80 of group app-xas is up (HTTP Expected Response Received).

So I made this pattern:
<pattern>[HMON]&lt;6&gt; SLB server @ESTRING:slb.server: @(@ESTRING:slb.server.ip:)@ TCP port @ESTRING:slb.service-group.port: @of group @ESTRING:slb.service-group: @is @ESTRING:slb.service-group-status: @(@ESTRING:slb.message:)@</pattern>

How would patternize help me with this rule? I tried it and it’s nice to get the basic xml but changing the variables and editing the errors took me longer than writing it from the scratch. I guess I’m just not seeing it at the right angle.


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Happy to hear that you like patterndb. Can you pls tell me what makes it better than grok for you?
On the a10 front, you might want to try pdbtool patternize if you have a lot of logs, it can help you to define the patterns automatically. It is in fact an implementation of http://ristov.users.sourceforge.net/slct/.


On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 8:01 AM, Daniel Neubacher <daniel.neubacher at xing.com<mailto:daniel.neubacher at xing.com>> wrote:
Hey there,
I’ve really become a fan of patterndb and I’m migrating almost all of my grok filters to it. My next log devices to migrate are our a10 ax loadbalancer so I wanted to ask if anyone done this work before me :P


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