[syslog-ng] Individual Logs Files to each Forward to Different server/port?

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Fri Sep 5 23:42:15 CEST 2014


Is is possible to configure a syslog-ng client to forward logs to a syslog-ng server based on file?

I am thinking of the following as an example:

destination named-LOGS {

udp(ip( port(555));


source named {

file("/var/log/named/bind.log" log_prefix("BIND-LOGS"));


log {




destination dhcpd-LOGS {

udp(ip( port(556));


source dhcpd {

file("/var/log/dhcpd/dhcp.log" log_prefix("DHCPD-LOGS"));


log {




In this example, I am sending each to the same destination IP address, although that is configurable, but each log file to a different port, and with a different log_prefix as well.

Does this OK,or is their a simpler way?

Many thanks,


    Vadim Anatoly Pushkin

-- The Ukranian Stallion --

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