[syslog-ng] syslog-ng 3.6.0beta1 has been released

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Fri Sep 5 10:30:07 CEST 2014

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng
VERSION             : 3.6.0beta1
SUMMARY             : new beta release
DATE                : Sep 5, 2014


  A new stable version of syslog-ng Open Source Edition (3.6.0beta1) has been
  released. Being the first beta release, we would be very grateful for any
  feedback, to stabilize the release further.


	Wed,  3 Sep 2014 14:40:14 +0200

This is the first beta release of the upcoming syslog-ng OSE 3.6
branch. Compared to the alphas, this release contains a moderate
amount of new functionality and bugfixes. Further releases will focus
on stability and bugfixes.

* One can now use multiple elements in the `key()` and `exclude()`
  options of any value-pairs declaration.

* A new source driver was added to the syslog-ng: `systemd-journal()`,
  which reads from the Journal directly, not via the syslog forwarding
  socket. The `system()` source defaults to using this source when
  systemd is detected.


* All the various crypto-related template functions now check that the
  desired length of the digest is not larger than the digest itself.
  If a larger value is requested, they will truncate it to the digest

* The `$(geoip)` template function now works with `threaded(yes)` too.

* The unix domain socket credentials code was changed to only build on
  Linux and FreeBSD. With this change, syslog-ng should compile again
  on platforms where the OS does not support this, with the feature


syslog-ng is developed as a community project, and as such it relies
on volunteers, to do the work necessary to produce syslog-ng.

Reporting bugs, testing changes, writing code or simply providing
feedback are all important contributions, so please if you are a user
of syslog-ng, contribute.

We would like to thank the following people for their contribution:

Andras Mitzki, Fabien Wernli, Gergely Nagy, Laszlo Budai, Michael
Hocke, Tibor Benke, Viktor Juhasz, Viktor Tusa.


  You can download the source or binary packages from:


  The documentation of the syslog-ng Open Source Edition is available in
  The syslog-ng Open Source Edition Administrator's Guide at


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